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Trailer B from Site#1 (.mov)

Other Episode 1 Video stuffs

Ok, so the next isn't really a trailer. It's new footage that was shown on 60 Minutes' interview with George Lucas on March 28th. There's quite alot of new footage shown, including a good chunk of the QuiGon/ObiWan/DarthMaul lightsaber fight!

New footage
as shown on 60 Minutes!

60 Mins Interview

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Amidala Quicktime 3 | Quicktime 4
Anakin Quicktime 3 | Quicktime 4
Qui-Gon Quicktime 3 | Quicktime 4
Shmi Quicktime 3 | Quicktime 4

Music Videos

Duel Of The Fates by John Williams. Requires Quicktime 4 to view.


Some fans have put together a few spoofs of Episode 1 and it's trailers.
South Park Spoof!

All of these files are in .mov or QuickTime format.

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